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A surface tension reducer, Top Vacudeb enables perfectly accurate castings, without trapped air or bubbles. Flexible, it can be used under vacuum and supports silicone, wax, rubber and alginate patterns.

  • May be used under vacuum.
  • Fast drying increases productivity.
  • Eliminates air entrapments, bubbles and voids.
  • Facilitates fluid flow to produce sharper detail.
  • Supports silicone, wax, rubber and alginate patterns.
  • Transparent pink tone.

A surface tension reducer, Top Vacudeb allows an attachment to achieve close adaption and maximum contact with all surfaces of a wax pattern and with all impressions prior to investing, without trapping air, forming air bubbles or voids on the surface of models and castings. By managing surface tension, an improved flow rate of investment material and strict adherence to the impression ensures that the casting is reproduced perfectly and accurately.