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Creates a harder film that remains stable during acrylic packing, eliminating dislodging during the process. 
This compound can be used with cured resins, acrylics, bis-acrylic and composite resins.
· When used with a Top Paqubond, is produced an extremely secure bond between metal and the acrylic & composite.
· Compatible with all acrylic and composite materials
· Choice 6 different opaque colors to give aesthetic results

Our Top Air Opaque is a colored opaque liquid which performs a secure bond between metal surfaces/framework and acrylic or other resins. It is brushed on to achieve desired thickness and air dries quickly. Its pink tint renders it almost invisible when the opaque is applied to the framework.
The bonding properties of Top Air Opaque can be enhanced by mixing in Top Paqubond, a powder that is mixed with the Top Air Opaque to create a harder film which will not dislodge during acrylic packing, and the resulting bonding film will then be resistant to softening by the monomer, eliminating dislodging during the process. This compound can be used under cured resins, acrylics, bis-acrylic and composite resins.

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