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Fast and Amazing custom impression
 Softens in water!!
It's Never Been Simpler!!

•             Affordable, cost effective
•             Biocompatible and non-allergenic
•             Newest alternative for conventional tray material
•             Softens in hot water
•             Rigid yet unbreakable
•             Comfortably handled and shape 
•             Can be simply cut and fit in softened state
•             Extraordinary accuracy
•             No odor, very durable

DSTVITOplast is an innovative alternative for conventional custom tray material. Designed for a variety bite registration -fast and easy to use.  Friendly and convenient for the patient and dentist - comfort custom trays, bite registration, fore and side bite detection in 1.2.3.
Features good working time along with excellent malleability and adaptation to model. Easy trimming characteristics reduce effort.