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This innovative flexible dental resin allows users to easily create comfortable and compliant removable dentures. Created from a unique thermoplastic material, DSTVITOlux-f has exceptional aesthetic and physical properties that enable highly comfortable and natural looking partials. This rigid, yet flexible polymer is an ideal solution.

DSTVITOlux-f is easy to use as it achieves better results, with:

  • Revolutionary, Rigid yet flexible denture base material
  • Easily repaired and relined by conventional acrylic
  • luxury comfort, durability and moderate flexibility
  • Strong yet flexible polymer is easy to work with
  • Repels plaque and odor
  • Exceptional aesthetic and physical properties
  • Enables a more perfect fit

DSTVITOlux-f’s biocompatible, high-performance polymer offers all the advantages of acrylic, enabling the creation of aesthetic, natural-looking comfortable prosthetic applications, including full and partial dentures, splints, clasps and more. Resistant to both moisture and stains, DSTVITOlux-f is easy to adjust, finish and polish. It sets faster than other materials, and because of its flexible properties, patients enjoy an improved fit.