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Our DSTVITOcetal is a biocompatible and pure, crystalline acetyl copolymer resin which is used for partial and total denture frameworks without the need for cast metal backbones.  With very low moisture absorption properties, an appliance cast from this material is very low weight, maintains high tensile strength and excellent flexural strength, hardness and fatigue resistance.
Can also be utilized for the creation of clasps, provisional crowns and bridges, and unilaterals.

  • Aesthetic and comfortable.
  • Superb dimensional stability and elastic memory.
  • Low moisture absorption.
  • High color stability in pink, A2, A3 and A3.5.
  • Available in 25 mm cartridges.
  • Cartridge size: medium, large, extra large.
  • 5 units per pack. 

For the patient, selecting an appliance made from DSTVITOcetal results in a faster, more economical solution. Their partial denture will fit better, be more comfortable, unbreakable and easier to maintain.

For the dental technician, our polymer is easier to use, sets faster and the flexible properties mean accommodating a perfect fit with fewer complications. 

For dentists, prescribing DSTVITOcetal means the end result will be a stronger yet lighter and more flexible appliance which will be longer lasting and provide a superior function.