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Our DSTVITOacry thermoplastic polymer is an advanced biocompatible material for injection-molding total and partial dentures. Featuring exceptional properties such as high strength, light weight, elasticity and natural translucence, it is more resistant against breakage than conventional resins. It does not cause allergenic reactions due to its monomer-free composition.

  • Eliminates sensitivity to conventional acrylic dentures containing monomers.
  • Aesthetic, translucent and comfortable.
  •  Biocompatible.
  • Resistant to high impact.
  • High color stability in pink, light pink and dark pink.
  • Available in 25 mm cartridges.
  • Cartridge size: medium, large, extra large.
  • 5 units per pack. 
For the patient, selecting an appliance made from DSTVITOacry results in a faster, especially aesthetic and more economical solution. Their denture will fit better, be more comfortable  and easier to maintain.

For the dental technician, our polymer is easier to use, sets faster and the aesthetic properties, which means accommodating a perfect fit with fewer complications. 

For dentists, prescribing DSTVITOacry means the end result will be a stronger, flexible appliance which will be longer lasting and provide a superior function.