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DST Isoliq F separates appliances seamlessly, leaving them shiny and free from plaster debris. It's water repellant characteristics and ability to create a protective isolation layer makes it ideal for molding injection processes, which rely on heat and pressure.

  • Seals and repels water due to its thin isolation layer.
  • Resistant to high temperature.
  • Fast drying liquid applies with brush

Isolating and separating the plaster mold from the material is important in protecting both the die from
damage and the appliance from debris and powder castoff. Appliance separates in a shiny condition,
free from plaster debris and requiring minimum finishing.
The use of DST Isoliq as an isolation compound that offers several advantages, including water repellant
characteristics, a protective layer which isolates the gypsum from thermoplastics, and high heat resistance,
which makes it ideal for molding injection processes which rely on heat and pressure.