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Ideal for use during radiopaque acrylic dental device diagnostics and for treatment planning. Identifies primary implant location, while maintain sharp borders for precise implant planning.

  • Ideal for production of radiopaque acrylic dental device
  • diagnostics, and planning of treatments.
  • ldentifies primary implant location.
  • borders are sharp for precise implant planning

Barium Sulfate powder to mix with acrylics for X-ray feature, for optimum diagnostic imaging.
Bari x-ray is excellent for adding and mixing with Acrylic Resin, provides a high contrast identifier in X-Ray scanning pictures with consistent
texture, for the fabrication of methacrilate – based acrylic appliances and used wherever a radiopaque acrylic dental device is useful in
establishing an anatomical location or site , such as a provisional implant stent.